Monday, August 3, 2009


Ladies (and gentleman)... where is the disconnect in the grooming process that allows the most important feature on your entire face to get overlooked? I mean it, you may not agree that brows are that critical but think about it, without a well shaped brow beautiful eyes won't even get noticed if they are swallowed up by a sea of hairs marching south on your faces. Brows also set the tone for your entire face, meaning they determine if you are going to have an open appearance, a closed-scowling look or a strong, powerful face. I won't say much more right now because since brows are "my thing" this will probably be one of many blogs about brows...

Stay tuned and for God's sake (and mine) shape up those caterpillars or call me and I will gladly rescue you from the hairy mess you're in *big smile*

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