Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Bridal Fashion Show...

So Luvi and I participated in another bridal fashion show on July 26th for and we are happy to report it was a huge success! Some of our models were really a pleasure to work with (Tasha, Jordan, Jen and Annie - you girls rock!) We have some great runway photos thanks to our dedicated and fabulous photographer (Chris). We did have a few hurdles to overcome, an uncooperatetive model, 2 dress shops forgetting to bring any, yes any accessories or veils (we won't name names - not our style) BUT we pulled through and gave the producers an edgy take on bridal makeup and hair, as they requested.

As a side note, let me just say that fashion show hair and makeup is grueling, some either LOVE IT (me) or hate it... doing one or two of these gigs can weed out the later of the two but I think it is something that every makeup artist or hair stylist should do to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone.

Thanks to Annie Nuno, Mr. Michael DeArruda and for asking Bobby Pins & Blush to do the fashion show and we will see you at the fall show hopefully!

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